Final Fantasy XV’s Assassin’s Creed DLC is gone at the end of the month


Final Fantasy XV is full of surprises, and one of those was easily the out of nowhere Assassin’s Creed event. While Creed is no stranger to crossing over into other Japanese franchises (even if it’s for a little gag), this time it was a full-on festival, with loot, quests, and a town remodel.

Sadly, Square Enix has confirmed that the festival is ending on January 31, so if you want to get in on the action, you should boot up your game soon-ish. The timing is a little unfortunate as the PC version is set to release in just a month, possibly without this fun event.

While a lot of fans are writing into Square Enix noting that they assumed the DLC was going to be perpetually available, I kind of assumed that due to rights issues, it was always a limited time thing. It could, however, return at some point.

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