Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Terminus, The Blood Moon location and Hunt guide

Final Fantasy XVI The Blood Moon Terminus

Technology, to some, can be a great enemy, and that’s certainly the case with The Blood Moon hunt. Lasers, electricity, brute force, you name it, there are a lot of dangerous attacks from this boss. If you’re clever, you’ll be able to defeat this boss faster than your grandparents figuring out how to stream Netflix on their smart TV.

The Terminus, The Blood Moon hunt is only available after you begin the Brotherhood main storyline quest. This is significantly far into Final Fantasy XVI. 

Final Fantasy XVI The Blood Moon location
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Terminus, The Blood Moon location & directions in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)

To get to the Final Fantasy XVI The Blood Moon hunt, head over to the Dragon’s Aery fast travel point on the world map. It’s to the northeastern region of The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. If you remember correctly, this is an early-game area. However, something more savage is awaiting you.

Go south from the fast travel point, and enter The Imperial Chase. Go through the forest and take the left path and you’ll find the Crock. This is where Terminus awaits you. As always, finding the Final Fantasy XVI The Blood Moon hunt is faster by riding the chocobo to your destination.

Final Fantasy XVI The Blood Moon Terminus Short Circuit
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How to beat Terminus, The Blood Moon

Terminus is an electricity-based boss that can shock Clive and his friends to a dangerous degree. When you first start the battle, it will begin to open itself up and surge electricity between the two slots. It will then shut itself. Try to avoid attacking Terminus during these moments or figure out its rhythm, so you can precision dodge it. After three slams, it will then burst with an AoE (Area of Effect) attack, causing an additional 500 damage. You can see a faint blue outline of where the attack will land; get out of the way as soon as possible.

Watch out for its beams. The energy beams, if they hit you, will cause around 400 to 500 damage. It also spins, so be ready for that. Try to dodge into this string of attacks. You’ll also want to pay attention when it begins to charge at you after sending out a volley of small lasers. Its hard exterior will bash Clive, dealing around 700 damage. If that’s not enough, it will repeat its prior AoE attack.

When you finally stagger it, unleash the best abilities you have like Flames of Rebirth, Aerial Blast, and Judgment Bolt. Aerial Blast is great to use at the beginning of the stagger process as it multiplies the damage quickly.

As the The Blood Moon’s health lowers to a critical stage, it will use the Short Circuit ability. In a fury, it unleashes half a dozen lasers at once. Be aware of nearby lasers and avoid them as much as possible, constantly moving to the left or right. Additionally, it will unleash its Hyper Surge. This causes it to charge at you in a blue electrical aura and then pick a spot to dive into the ground with a surge of energy. If you’ve dodged the initial attack, you should be fine. If not, try to get out of the way as soon as possible. Each Hyper Surge hit causes around 800 damage.

It will alternate between the two last attacks until you eliminate it. There’s a brief pause after the Short Circuit attack that leaves it open for strikes. Use this amount of time to your advantage. Inflict ranged attacks while it is Hyper Surging as there are so few opportunities to strike during the last stages of the fight.

Rewards for beating Terminus

After destroying this annoying machine and finishing the Final Fantasy XVI The Blood Moon boss, you’ll gain the following:

  • 2 Meteorite
  • 3,200 Experience Points
  • 85 Ability Points
  • 9,800 Gil
  • 35 Renown
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