Final Fantasy XV will get a free monster encyclopedia update at some point


I’m impressed with just how much there is to do in Final Fantasy XV, even without buying any of the DLC or partaking in the Season Pass.

There’s going to be a whole lot more too in the form of free updates, including a monster encyclopedia, according to director Hajine Tabata. When asked by outlet Entertainment Station, if some sort of bestiary was in the cards, he responded, “there are plans. As for when, please look forward to further information.”

Well, there you have it! That was simple enough. This is in addition to the alteration of Chapter 13, more playable characters, an avatar system, and extra New Game+ options. It’s crazy to think how complete a “Game of the Year Edition” on PC might be years down the line. I know people are up in arms about DLC, and they definitely have a right to be given Square Enix’s past (cough, XIII-2), but they’ve done a stellar job with XV so far.

FFXV [Entertainment Station via Gematsu]

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