Final Fantasy XV spinoff King’s Knight is out today

Android and iOS

Final Fantasy XV is almost its own thing at this point. It has more side projects and spinoffs than many AAA franchises just a year into its life cycle, and if I know Square, they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

They aren’t stopping today either, as King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon just arrived worldwide on iOS and Android. As a recap this is a free-to-play re-imagining of the original 1986 NES game King’s Knight, but is somehow jammed into the Final Fantasy XV universe.

It’s neat that they were able to bring a relatively forgotten game back into the fray, but the original is…a not so great shoot ’em up that was disguised as an RPG. It also had a terribly amazing conceit in that you need to beat the game with all four characters without dying to access the last stage/ending. If nothing about this mobile version interests you, it’s worth learning about the NES edition.

King’s Knight iOS, Android [Apple Store, Google Play]

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