Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro update coming in February, neat Exosuit DLC delayed

No No Power Rangers

Square-Enix detailed some of their upcoming content for Final Fantasy XV during an Active Time Report live stream and, along with some of usual tidbits such as release dates, something really stuck out to me. 

First off, PlayStation 4 Pro is getting full 60 frames per second support, which will apparently not always run at 60 frames, but at a maximum of 60. Along with this, Final Fantasy XV will be getting limited time quests, a raised level cap (now 120 instead of 99, but experience points won’t count toward it until after the update), an increased photo capacity, and you’ll be able to use the music player while riding a Chocobo. All of this is coming February 21st. 

On March 28th, along with the releases of Episode: Gladiolus and Episode: Prompto, there will be an update to Chapter 13 and you’ll be able to play as Gladiolus for some of it. But the most interesting detail to come out of all of this is that the cool looking “Magitek Exosuit” DLC will now be released at a later, unconfirmed date — rather than February 21st — for looking too much like Saban’s Power Rangers. 

After being contacted by “the Power Rangers publisher” (which could be either license holder Saban or film distributor Lionsgate), the free suit DLC has been held off for a redesign since they shared too many similarities to the popular teenagers with attitude. Personally I thought they looked more like Mortal Kombat cyborgs than Power Rangers, but Saban’s usually more concerned with idea than look. If the idea was to transform into a brief invincibility suit to make these strong boys more “powerful,” then they probably saw fit to ask Square-Enix to change them. Expect the suits to lose the distinguishing colors too. 

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 60 fps update launches February 21, Chapter 13 update on March 28 [Gematsu]

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