Final Fantasy XV pre-launch stream: fighting giant kids, dogs, and flying level 99 Square Enix presidents

I wonder how many kids won’t show up to school tomorrow

Final Fantasy XV is officially out, and much to the dismay of those hoping the 10-year effort would be a failure, it’s getting great reviews. If you’ve still got time to kill before it downloads or delivers, check out the Japanese-only live stream leading up to the launch with Square Enix. Several members of the team play a special build called the “Mystery Disc” with lots of crazy stuff in it specifically to celebrate the game launch. Don’t worry, this is all unique content made for this stream and doesn’t spoil any of the actual game.

Watch as the team takes on Prompto who turns into a giant boy, giant dogs, ice cream cones, boy stampedes, and of course a boss showdown vs. level 99 Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda, who descends from the heavens holding what looks like a Blazefire Saber but not quite. Please Square Enix, make this stuff downloadable. Free would be best, but I might be willing to drop a few shekels for an optional boss with Matsuda Yosuke. Add in Tabata and Nomura while you’re at it. 

Stream starts with the Brotherhood anime (Japanese only of course) followed by an in-game camp scene that is eventually populated by the protagonists as it becomes night. Gameplay starts at 2:41:56 (may change if they continue to edit the video).

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