Final Fantasy XV is getting a mobile MMO

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Yet another Final Fantasy XV project is in the works. Square Enix has supplemented Final Fantasy XV with the like of DLC, mobile games (including Pocket Edition), and its own anime. The next spin-off is meant to keep people playing for a long time.

Final Fantasy XV is being turned into a mobile MMO that’s being created in Unreal Engine 4. Square Enix has tasked South Korean developer JSC Games and Chinese developer GAEA Mobile with making it. 

Details about Final Fantasy XV Mobile (which isn’t necessarily the finalized title) are mostly sparse. However, it’s said that this MMO is an alternate take on what happens on Noctis and Co.’s roadtrip. As expected, there will be full regions to explore and missions to complete.

Apparently, Square Enix will share more about Final Fantasy XV Mobile sometime in the first half of 2020, which will include a trailer. It’s said that China’s getting the game first, but it’s planned for a global release at some point. Gas up the whip, there’s more adventure ahead.

Final Fantasy XV mobile MMORPG in the works from Square Enix, GAEA, and JSC [Pocket Gamer]

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