Final Fantasy XV has a mystery season pass and man I’m sick of these

It will evidently be six DLCs

We all knew Final Fantasy XV would have a season pass, but yesterday, Square Enix unceremoniously dumped it onto the PlayStation Network — and it sounds even more middling than I thought it would be, mostly because it’s a mystery.

Eventually the Japanese PSN was updated to provide some idea of what you’re getting (six pieces in all — a “Booster Pack,” Gladiolus episode, a “Holiday Pack,” an Ignis episode, a Prompto episode, and a mystery expansion), but much of it is still nebulous. Right now it’s billed as an “upgrade” with the main game (at $84.99, making the pass $24.99), with six DLCs in tow. None of it is confirmed worldwide though, and we’ll update you as more information comes.

The core Final Fantasy series has messed with DLC before (remember when Square Enix had the gall to charge for boss fights in Final Fantasy XIII-2), but I really hope these add-ons are previewed at some point before XV‘s launch.

Final Fantasy XV [PSN via Gematsu]

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