Final Fantasy XV goes Cindy crazy with its car decal DLC

You’re a brand now, Cindy

Final Fantasy XV isn’t just getting a billion tie-ins all across the world when it launches in September (I can’t believe it’s almost finally here) — no, it’s getting DLC as well. 

In addition to the Special Edition bonuses, there’s also going to be a bunch of weapons, car decals, and outfits. By way of an Active Time Report video posted this week, Square Enix showed off both the “Cindy Edition” and “Golden Chocobo Edition” decals for the Regalia (read: the car) — you can find all that jazz around 32:00 in.

But there’s also four weapons, two more car colors, and an outfit for Noctis depending on where you pre-order the game (in Japan, GEO, Game Tsutaya, Amazon Japan, 7-Eleven, and the Square Enix e-Store all have different bonuses). For reference, the footage of the car DLC starts at around 32:00 in.

Bust out that Watch Dogs DLC chart and get to work!

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