Final Fantasy XV glitch makes Areana a permanent party member


Just so I don’t get yelled at for spoilers, here’s a paragraph of unrelated nonsense to fill out anywhere text would automatically fill up. Go watch the trailer for The Mummy — it’s a Tom Cruise-led, militarized Hollywood ACTION!!! remake of the original, not the Brendan Fraser franchise, unfortunately — with the missing sound effects and music. It’s very funny.

Ok! So you’re here because you want to remedy your Final Fantasy XV sausage-fest and add a bodacious broad to your bro’d-trip. Welp, there’s a way to get Areana Highwind (no, not the mechanic), who joins you temporarily as a guest party member, to roll with the crew indefinitely. Proceed at your own risk, but the internet assures us it’s legit. The devil’s bargain? With her in your party, you will not be able to fish.

Is it really worth it?

1- Camp at Cotisse Haven north of Hammerhead. You may know this as an Angelus farming spot. Wait till midnight and save. You can pick up a nighttime bounty (Raindrops in the Night) to fast forward to night right away. Fast traveling to Galdin and back will burn the rest of the hours.

2- After around midnight, the spawn tables change. The usual dropship will stop appearing and Giants will start appearing. Head North towards the wall with the red fence. Wander till you trigger a Giant spawn. If nothing is showing up, you can try the beast whistle, it seems to queue a spawn at the next spawn location you come across. If you get Imperials, you can despawn the drops by waiting till the ship flies away, then fast traveling to your car, then back to camp.

3- As soon as you agro the Giant, Aranea should be on her way. Run outside the combat radius, bring up the map, and Return to rest point. Do not wait for any signs of her or it’ll be too late, unless you want to test if she’s spawning at all and reload to actually get her.

4- Open the camp menu *before* her descent animation plays and she joins the party. If you wait too long, the UI will be locked and you won’t be able to get the menu, you’ll have to reload and try again.

5- With the menu open, look around, confirm her dropship is there, and watch her jump down. After she lands but before she leaves the party, Camp.

6- In the morning, everything will seem as usual. Reload the auto-save from the camping.

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