Final Fantasy XV director warns about spoilers and details day one patch

At least the early players can’t use Facebook integration, right?

Since Final Fantasy XV was delayed, Square Enix has promised a substantial day one patch that it’s now calling an update — more specifically the “Crown Update.” Game director Hajime Tabata said it would add features to the game to make up for forcing everyone to wait longer.

Updates include an improved camera that works better in narrow areas, a whole ability tree dedicated to the “Wait Mode” feature (a bit ironic, isn’t it?), a “Monster Flute” to summon monsters (like FFXIII-2 I wonder?), more fish, more recipes, a gallery, and the ability to upload pictures taken by Prompto directly to Facebook and Twitter. I thought that’s what the Share button does, but I wouldn’t know since I never use the damn thing. They’ll also add scenes from Kingslaive and the “Omen” trailer as new “event scenes.”

Also Tabata has an important message regarding copies that are circulating early and the resulting spoilers. He stressed that the team worked hard to release the game on the same day around the world so that everyone could enjoy the story and to limit the chance of fans in certain regions getting spoiled before the game goes on sale there (cough cough Persona 5). He adds “We may be unable to anticipate the spoiler videos and such that appear as a result of this, we hope that everyone looking forward to Final Fantasy XV can be very careful.

Regarding videos being uploaded, he states “We are also doing our best to prevent the circulation of leaked videos.” As a request made to those people with early copies, his words may fall on deaf ears: “To those who received the game early, please be considerate to those looking forward to the official release of this title.”

With all the demos, movies, information dumps, and gameplay videos that have been put out, I’m not sure just how much left of the game there is to be spoiled to be honest. Though, I was nearly spoiled browsing certain messages boards, only hearing a certain detail about the final boss. Spoilers are out there, and even Square Enix won’t be able to contain it all. It’s best to stay away from places where you know trolls will ruin important plot points until you finish the game yourself. Stay vigilant, friends.

Final Fantasy XV day one ‘Crown Update’ detailed Update [Gematsu]

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