Final Fantasy XV director Tabata is leading new Square Enix studio Luminous Productions

To ‘develop new AAA titles’

Although the reaction to Final Fantasy XV was a bit mixed at launch (I loved it), Hajime Tabata has proven himself to Square Enix  time and time again for over a decade, and earned his place near the top.

While he’s still hard at work on DLC for XV he’s always mentioned that he’s going to start work on a new big project when the time is right, and for both Square Enix and Tabata, that time seems to be now. The duo have just announced the creation of Luminous Productions, a new studio led by Tabata.

Their goal is to “[develop] new AAA titles, and [bring] innovative games and other entertainment content to a global audience,” while “utilizing innovative technology and creativity to change the future of gaming and entertainment.” Let’s see what Tabata and company have got!

Luminous Productions [Square Enix]

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