Final Fantasy XV director says Switch can’t fully handle the Luminous Engine, others being tested

It’ll probably get the pocket edition

The Final Fantasy XV team has been busy. Gone are the days where you ship a AAA game and be done with it — now you have to optimize patches, free/paid content, and spinoffs. Final Fantasy XV is busting out nearly every facet of that playbook, including ports and a Pocket Edition demake of sorts.

Speaking to DualShockers, director Hajime Tabata gave us an indirect hint that the very same Pocket version may indeed hit Switch. He re-clarified that the team was looking into XV on Switch, but explained further that the system can’t really handle the game’s Luminous Engine, and that they’re  “looking into” Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

What does this all mean? Well, chances are they won’t rework the massive XV for Switch, but rather, a Pocket release that still contains most of the same story beats seems more likely. This is all speculation as Square could make the full version sing eventually (more research on the Switch and better optimization could lead to that, Tabata says), but for now, I don’t see them putting in a massive amount of effort in a 1:1 port given that their work is already cut out for them with the recently announced PC version.

Final Fantasy XV Director Clarifies Nintendo Switch Tease; Team Is Looking into the Platform [DualShockers]

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