Final Fantasy XV broke even on launch day, actually

It didn’t need to sell billions and billions

Before Final Fantasy XV arrived, Square Enix was projecting super hard regarding the sales targets they’d need to hit to break even. They gave some Square Enix-ey high number, and actively looked worried that they wouldn’t hit it. As it turns out though, they hit their break even point on day one. And we’re learning this news after Ignis’ birthday of all days.

According to Dualshockers, who spoke with director Hajima Tabata, they noted that on the first day of launch, November 29, 2016, they broke even. Now we’re basically realizing that the five million shipped number they initially gave is how much they needed. Since then Square Enix has announced that it’s sold an additional million, and likely will see a long tail with DLC, and a possible PC port down the line.

I mean, folks still buy Final Fantasy 1-14, sometimes multiple times over, so it’s a good brand name to have.

Final Fantasy XV Broke Even with Development Costs on Day One [Dualshockers]

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