Final Fantasy XIV’s in-house band is releasing their first album soon

May 16

Final Fantasy XIV has been a sort of passion project for many members of the team, especially after it was rebooted (and saved) by way of its Realm Reborn iteration. Producer Naoki Yoshida has been said to work tirelessly on the game to deliver tri-monthly major updates, and some of the crew, including sound director Masayoshi Soke, created a band centered around the game in 2014.

They’ve since produced several tunes for various arrangement projects, but their debut album is going to drop in just a few months. Although the tracks aren’t listed (that’s “coming soon” according to The Primals’ website), Final Fantasy XIV has a fantastic score, and I urge you to check out some of the choice runes from the base game below. I also had the good fortune of seeing them live at a Fanfest event, and they didn’t disappoint.

If you’re interested, the premiere album will run you $32.99. It’s billed as a “Japanese import soundtrack disc,” and will drop on May 16 according to the news reveal (though the actual pre-order page has a placeholder of May 31).

The Primals [Square Enix]

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