Final Fantasy XIV players gather to pay tribute to Berserk creator

Honoring an author’s impact

Kentaro Miura, the creator of significantly influential series Berserk, passed away at age 54, it was recently announced. And soon after the news hit, Final Fantasy XIV players who were fans and influenced by his work took to their own servers to pay tribute.

Players on various servers donned their Dark Knight armor and stood in line as a tribute to Miura’s work. Berserk has often been cited as an influence on many fantasy works over the years, from Souls games to characters like Soulcalibur‘s Siegfried/Nightmare and Cloud Strife’s infamous Buster Sword.

One gathering shared around frequently was on Balmung, but players have reported similar vigils being held on other servers as well. It seems clear that Miura’s influence will keep carrying on, resonating in the creators and players who hold his work dear. 

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter