Final Fantasy XIV player housing is being changed a bit, but it’s not quite enough

Final Fantasy XIV player housing

Wards are being revised to favor private housing

In yet another move to satiate folks who want to buy an in-game house, the Final Fantasy XIV player housing system is changing a bit. But not nearly enough as some may have hoped.

As a recap, player housing continues to be a problem. The recent lottery system for the new zone didn’t really go as planned, and big free companies [guilds] snatch up a lot of land, frustrating players who want a private home. The team, largely, hasn’t really done anything to alleviate these issues. And the upcoming fix (slated for July) isn’t going to do much either.

Breaking it down, Square Enix has announced that starting July 10, at 8AM PT, Final Fantasy XIV player housing ward ownership will be revised. So in the past, free company housing was allowed for wards one through 18: now it’s wards one through nine. Previously, private housing was focused on wards 19 through 24, now it’s 10 through 24.

In theory, it’s a big boost. But the heart of the matter is that free companies have already taken a ton of housing. On some servers, this might amount to one or two total houses for the entire populace, as-is. Now as free companies break up/quit the game and more houses become available, it could help in the future. But for now, players can’t help but feel like the player housing responses so far have been underwhelming.

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