Final Fantasy XIV London FanFest reveals Viper job, FF16 crossover, and more

There is a Torgal mount

Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest Recap

Not even three months ago Square Enix Game Director Naoki Yoshida took the stage at the US Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival and revealed the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. Earlier today, Day 1 of the London Fan Festival kicked off and Yoshida returned to reveal more details about the expansion.

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We already knew two jobs were on the way, but not what they were. Now we know one of the two is going to be the melee job Viper. The Viper dual-wields swords that can be combined into a single double sword as well. The class will share gear with the Ninja class. According to Yoshida, the Viper is an original class but took inspiration from Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. The Viper is designed to appeal to those who want a new dual-wield job that is not Ninja.

We also got a first look at some of the important locations in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, including the new hub town: Tuliyollal. As you can see in the minute-long video, Tuliyollal looks like a tropical coastal town. Who’s ready for a vacation? We saw two of the new areas, Yak’Tel and Urqopacha. One of the inhabitants is a new Allied Tribe, the Moblins. As the name suggests they share a resemblance to Goblins and will serve as a crafting and gathering Allied Tribe.

New Alliance Raid and Limited Job

The new Alliance Raid in the Dawntrail expansion is Echoes of Vana’diel. The upcoming raid will be connected to the world of Final Fantasy XI. Yoshida said he couldn’t reveal too much about the raid just yet, but said it will be something that long-time FFXI fans will be able to truly enjoy.

It was also revealed that a new Limited Job would be coming later in the expansion. The job would serve a similar function to the existing Blue Mage Limited Job.

Conclusion of Endwalker

The final pieces of information we got from the opening keynote were in regard to the rest of the current Endwalker expansion. For starters. Patch 6.51 will release on October 31. The update brings a ton of new content including the new Variant and Criterion Dungeon: Aloalo Island. Also, Crafters and Gatherers will be able to meet with Genoldt and Chora-Zoi to improve their tools to the next stage. A new Crystalline Conflict arena called the Red Sand will also be released in this patch.

Patch 6.51 will also bring the Fall Guys collaboration event. The event is a set of Gold Saucer challenges that are Fall Guys-themed obstacle courses. New glamour and minions will be available for participating in this event.

Finally, we got a first look at an upcoming Final Fantasy XVI crossover event called The Path Infernal. The questline will have players teaming up with Clive Rosfield to take on Eikons. Players will be able to acquire unique Clive glamour as well as a Torgal mount.

Final Fantasy XIV Torgal Mount
Image via Square Enix

The Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail expansion is slated to release in Summer 2024.

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