Final Fantasy XIV director is not worried about Bethesda

Final Fantasy XIV director Nobuaki Komoto is at gamescom showing off his work this week. It was there that Nowgamer caught up with him to ask about how he thought his game would fare against Western RPG powers Bethesda and Bioware. I would have loved to have seen his face and reaction when asked this, but the words alone give a pretty clear picture of his attitude on this:

“Although I do think both developers are creating great games, unfortunately, both are so far virtually unknown to the mass public in Japan and the sales are quite disastrous, too. They only seem to cater for a handful of core gamers.”

I know that’s not a direct slam, but it’s a pretty clear shrug-off. “Disastrous” is a pretty strong word.

Sure, he’s just calling ’em like he sees ’em, but both of these Western devs have loads of game making power that should not be underestimated. Even in Japan.

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