Final Fantasy XIII screenies!

Yes. I admit. I am a Final Fantasy fan. Well, huge fan. Dare I say “fanboy”? (as much as I loathe that term) Like many of you, I would shamelessly spend $599 on a PS3 just to play FFXIII without giving it a second thought. The lack of news about it all these months has gotten me impatient, and admittedly, I scour the ‘net every single day in search of the faintest trace of new information about the game. Alas, Square isn’t exactly in the habit of divulging information about their projects in progress, so apart from the usual tidbit, there isn’t much to see.

Luckily, WORTHPLAYING has come to my rescue with a batch of screenshots of the game that made me wet my pants and my keyboard upon viewing them. (The former from the obvious, and the latter from drooling) Now I’m even more stoked!

You can check them out in their full White-engined glory at the link above.

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