Final Fantasy XIII may help the PS3 to break sales records

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For Sony, it seems like titles in the Final Fantasy series and their console sales are forever intertwined. We saw it with the PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII, and then later with Final Fantasy X and the PS2. And if hunches turn out to be true, the same has happened with the PS3 and Final Fantasy XIII…or its demo.

Sinobi says that Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Comlete‘s Blu-ray package may have pushed sales up to a record breaking 57,000 this past week, the launch week of the movie. As you know, this movie came packaged with the Final Fantasy XIII demo, which it seems like all of Japan was waiting on. For comparison’s sake, Kotaku says that the PS3 sales for the week before were 16,701 units. That’s quite a jump, isn’t it?

To know for sure, we’ll have to wait for Media Create’s numbers, which are due out sometime today. Be sure to keep an eye out as Destructoid’s own impressions of this package and the Final Fantasy XIII demo are coming soon.

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