Final Fantasy XIII ‘international’ release in Spring 2010

At an event today in Tokyo, Square Enix has stated that it is planning an “international” release of Final Fantasy XIII sometime during the Spring of 2010, attempting to shorten the gap between the Japanese and Western releases as much as possible.

“In the past, it’s taken a year or half a year to release our games abroad, but this time we are aiming for an international release this Spring,” stated Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada. 

The focus on an “international” release is important. Wada did not say “North American” like you’d expect, instead implying that America and Europe may get a simultaneous release. That would certainly be delightful, and a nice change of pace for Europe, a territory used to waiting months and months for Japanese videogames. Here’s hoping that Squenix hits its Spring target, and that both NTSC and PAL users get the game at the same time.

Jim Sterling