Final Fantasy XIII demo coming this year; Nagiko wets self

PlayStation Universe has a snippet of information from the latest issue of Dengeki that will be sure to lather all you chocobo fanboys (and girls) into a frenzy. Apparently, Squenix told Dengeki that a demo for their upcoming yaoi wankfest Final Fantasy XIII will be playable later this year, more than not likely at the reconstituted E3 (which is now titled “The E for Everyone Convention”, inviting many jokes about people’s mothers that were played out when we got a hold of them months ago ).

From the horse’s mouth … er, webpage:

“We are hoping to have a playable demo ready for E3 in 2007.” Since E3 has been downsized as of this year, only invited studios, press, and retailers may attend the event, which may cause Square Enix to hold off a public showing until the Tokyo Game Show, for example, later this year.

So, there you have it. Stay tuned to Destructoid for more details as they develop, and snarky comments about the growing homoeroticism of the series as I come up with them. 

(Editor’s Note: Voltron is on TV again?!? It just came on Cartoon Network and I almost cried with joy! 30 year old robot cartoons ALWAYS beat Square-Enix RPGs. If you don’t believe me, check Leviticus. It’s in there. — Nex) 

Earnest Cavalli
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