Final Fantasy XIII composer Masahi Hamauzu interviewed

I love how composer Masashi Hamuzu came in and created one of the best Final Fantasy soundtracks ever and then left the building, leaving Square Enix to create his own studio. After he blew us away as an in-house composer with the Final Fantasy XIII OST, Hamauzu left and created his own studio, MONOMUSIK. Between just those two items, he had plenty to talk about, but Original Sound Version catches up with him on even more in this new interview.

Hamauzu starts off by addressing why he left Square Enix to go out on his own: “It is not that I wanted to get away from Square-Enix or game music at all,” he told OSV. “I just wanted to expand my field, and I wanted to give inputs to the game music in different ways.”

There’s no burned bridges, and it seems that the composer is actually working on something for Square Enix now, though he doesn’t reveal any names.

The majority of the remainder of the interview focuses on the score for Final Fantasy XIII, and you’ll find some pretty interesting details on the songs and their creation. Check out the full interview here.

Dale North