Final Fantasy XIII Agito will take A THOUSAND YEARS to release [confirmed]

Final Fantasy XIII Agito, part of Square Enix’s Novella Crystalis Final Fantasyis Pretentiousis Bullyshittytits compilation, may be running well on PSP hardware and looks to be coming along nicely, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing it soon. In fact, PSP fans have a long wait in store before they can indulge in portable androgyny, as character designer Tetsuya Nomura tells us we’ve got ages yet.

According to Nomura, Squeenix is waiting for both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus to have their releases before Agito hits store shelves. It’s a smart enough business move — better to stagger the releases than squirt them all out in one go and confuse people. Besides, this is Square Enix — I think we’re all used to waiting. 

I don’t mind too much, since I still want to play XIII myself to decide whether or not the franchise is worth getting excited over anymore. Besides, Dissidia: Final Fantasy should be scratching my portable FF itch in the meantime. Now … if only they’d hurry up and release that sexy beauty …

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