Final Fantasy XII CE price drop + Cosplayers make me want to die

Kotaku (the only other website on the internet who can claim to have derived their name from a Mary Shelley novella) had an article up today revealing to the world that the Electronics Boutique/Gamestop conglomerate would be dropping the price on the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XII just in time for the holidays. If you don’t have FFXII already, you will be able to get the Fancy Sparkly Edition (now with 20% more homoeroticism!) for the same price as the regular Lame-o Edition (that gives you crabs), $49.99.

More important than that, they had a link to one of the most disturbing photo galleries you will ever see on God’s green internet. Gamestop recently concluded a contest where people could dress up as various Final Fantasy characters, and, as you can probably guess, the lamest of the lame and the, er, fattiest of the fatties showed up in droves to strut far too much flesh in costumes not meant for reality. Sadly, they wound the gallery in a tight ball of Flash and bad juju that prevents me from ripping off their images, but hit that link that I provided above for copious amounts of photographs that you can use to frighten the elderly or traumatize young girls into bulimia

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