Final Fantasy XI trailer tries to seduce me, nearly succeeds

World of Warcraft can blow me. Yes, I said it, and I’m not sorry. No amount of friends in that game can convince me that it’s fun to play. Give me the characters and surroundings of any Final Fantasy XI expansion and I’ll pick those over WoW for meandering about in any day of the week.

The thing about Final Fantasy XI though, is that every time an expansion comes out, I feel almost a sensual temptation to pick up the game and start playing again. Square tries to manipulate the fangirl in me, and it almost works, but in the end I somehow manage to stay strong. Do you hear me, Square? You can’t take me alive! I’ll fight you to the death to defend my honor (not to mention my addled credit cards.) I won’t buy every one of your 1,275,204 titles coming out this quarter!

Phew. Anyway, here’s a new trailer for Wings of the Goddess, which will be on sale on November 20th. Before you buy it, remember that no matter how beautiful it is, finding a healer to join your party is harder than saying no to a seventeen year old that promises not to tell anybody. Also, MMOs make you witless and insane and eventually kill you. Yay!

[Thank you Donut!] 

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