Final Fantasy XI gets a special edition for 2008

You have to love Square “A franchise isn’t over until we’re all dead” Enix. Persevering with its online rendition of the Final Fantasy series, Squeenix is releasing Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition for PC and Xbox 360 on May 23.

The box set contains FFXI, of course, along with its four expansion packs — Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urghan and the newest addition, Wings of the Goddess. There was a 2007 edition released, funnily enough, last year that contained three expansions. Maybe Squeenix will do this every year. 

“The world of Final Fantasy XI continues to grow with both new content and new players,” states Squeenix boss John Yamamoto. Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition allows interested players to join the adventure with the bonus of all the expansion pack content. I hope many more players enjoy and experience the exciting world of Vana’diel and all that Final Fantasy XI has to offer.”

This game is still being played by dedicated FF fans around the world. Does anybody here still play? I never got into it at the time due to my fear of subscription fees and lack of online gaming facilities when it first came out. Is it worth getting, and do they still add a charge on top of the XBL fee? I’d be interested in this, but I typically don’t like paying for a game I alreadly bought.

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