Final Fantasy VI’s Locke is arriving in Dissidia

More VI is good

As one of the chief members of the cast alongside of Terra, Locke is probably one of the first people you think of when you think “Final Fantasy VI.” It’s for that reason that he’s earned his spot in the pantheon of the series, and now he’s coming to Dissidia.

Locke, as was discussed previously, was hinted at as a “male character from the first half of the series.” Now we have two male characters from the second half, and two female characters from the second half, one of which is new and one that has appeared in the Dissidia series before. Locke is the second DLC character, followed by Vayne Carudas Solidor.

In case you’re wondering the arcade edition does update around the same time as the console edition of NT. Locke is arriving this weekend in Japanese arcades, and next month on PS4. That means there’s a roughly two month cadence for DLC characters since the launch of NT.

Chris Carter
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