Final Fantasy VII Remake’s box art aims for the nostalgia tendon, does not mention ‘Part 1’

It’s not working, I just want to see the game

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I’m at the point where I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen of the Final Fantasy VII Remake on its own merits. I don’t need a drip-fed Red XIII trailer a month from now, or a Golden Saucer holiday video: I’m ready to play it and see just how far the “Part 1” portion goes.

Yes, remember, the Final Fantasy VII Remake coming out next year will not include the full original narrative. Square Enix is being super coy about what part one actually entails, or when future parts will arrive. So when they debuted the box art for the March 3, 2020 release, I was surprised to see that there’s no mention of “Part 1” anywhere on the box. Given that Square Enix likely won’t release future parts for free for those who buy the first (haha, imagine that), I’m not sure what their game is here.

Either way, it looks damn good. You can get a brand new look at it with the official video below, centering around the Abzu fight that was at TGS this year.

Final Fantasy VII Remake [Twitter]

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