Final Fantasy VII moves 100,000 on PlayStation Network

Not bad for a game that’s over ten years old!

You-know-who is going to die about 100,000 more times in 2009 as gamers relive the classic spoiler, now on their PlayStation 3 and PSPs. Sony says that Square Enix’s spiky-headed PlayStation role-playing masterpiece has been downloaded over 100k times in the first two weeks on the PlayStation Network.

Before year’s end, Final Fantasy VII will be followed by Wild Arms 2, Mobile Light Force and Special Ops: Stealth Patrol, the latter two of which no one cares about. Let’s get more RPGs, eh? How about some Suikoden action? Maybe Xenogears? Vagrant Story? Yes. We appreciate the release of FFVII, but what’s the hold up, Sony? We’ve seen the Japanese offerings, so we know what’s possible.

[via Gamasutra]

Dale North