Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete has English voice track

As a Final Fantasy fan, there’s a lot of reasons to want the Japanese release Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. First, it comes with the Final Fantaxy XIII demo. And if you spend enough, it comes with a fancy, custom PS3. Of course, there’s also the Blu-ray visual factor, too. But now we know that non-Japanese speakers will be able to enjoy this part of thier purchase as there is an English voice track.

Siliconera says that Wally Wingert, the voice of Rufus in the movie, was called back in to do new lines for the Blu-ray release. This supports rumors that we’ve heard earlier that there will be an English track on the disc. And since Bly-ray region coding puts North America and Japan in the same region, you’ll have no problems playing and understanding this extended, high-definition version of the film.

Dale North