Final Fantasy VI x Lucky Star = WTF?

For those here not as hip as these kids, you’ll just have to take our word that the anime Lucky Star is huge in Japan. The show about four high school girls that do nothing in particular is strangely addicting, and the show’s opening theme song, “Motteke! Serafuku”, topped the Japanese sales charts when it was finally released on CD. The animated dance featured in the show’s opening is still being performed in the streets and at conventions, and fan videos continue to pour out of Japan.

The Japanese love to mash up popular things in their fan videos, but rarely do you see done as well (or strangely) as you do here. They’ve taken the worlds of Final Fantasy VI and Lucky Star and combined them in such a way that you’ll be confused and impressed at the same time. Seriously, this video is jam-packed with Japanese WTF action.

For those not familiar with Lucky Star, hit the jump to see/hear the original song. 

Dale North