Square Enix assures that Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will have proper train suplexes at launch

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster train

Square Enix responds to fans who noted that train wasn’t flipping right

The Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster arrives this month, adding a new coat of paint to a classic. And like with any classic, fans will notice if something’s amiss, big or small. In this case, it was a train.

Square Enix recently shared a clip of the Phantom Train fight taken from the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster on Twitter. It has Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan running, with the train in hot pursuit. And of course, there is the option to suplex the train with Sabin’s Meteor Strike.

Fans, however, noted that the train was not being flipped upside down as part of the suplex. Sure, Sabin was lifting the Phantom Train clear off the tracks; but where is the flip?

Square Enix posted a follow-up, addressing the lack of flip. The video was taken from a pre-release version, and the company says the Meteor Strike will be adjusted in time for launch. Do not fret, Sabin’s feat of train annihilation will have proper form.

Jokes aside, this is a clear example of the fine details you gotta deal with in remastering a classic. Final Fantasy VI is in the category of games that fans have had ages to pore over and pay attention to every detail. And for good reason: it’s a classic. Suplexing a Phantom Train is a classic part of Final Fantasy VI.

So yes, it sounds like the train will get properly suplexed at launch on Feb. 23, 2022.

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