Final Fantasy VI Advance delayed to next year

Craig Majaski over at Gaming Age posted Nintendo’s upcoming 1st Quarter 2007 lineup. Look closely and you might notice the GBA swansong Final Fantasy VI Advance, fourth from the bottom, set to release in the US on 2/5/07; nearly a month and a half later than originally anticipated.

Now, before any of us get all pissy over this latest delay, let’s take a moment to be thankful that the game is still scheduled for release at all. Aside from the deluge of horrible licensed titles and the occasional Atlus release, the GBA is dead. Dead! Dead like the turkey you’ll be eatin’ next week. Being that FFVI is one of the more beloved titles in the series (and a personal favorite to yours truly), its impending release so late in the GBA’s life is great news, indeed.

Though there’s been no word on any of the expected updates to the game (like IV’s additional dungeon and expanded endgame character roster, or V’s new job classes), we should expect to hear some real news as we get closer to the release. Here’s hoping for playable Leo!

[Update: Commenter Senryoku notes that two new espers and an additional dungeon have been confirmed for VI thus far. Still, though — there better be at least one new playable character. Hell, if they throw in two, we can have four simultaneous parties! Take that, Phoenix Cave.)

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