Final Fantasy V on PlayStation Network today

Well call me Bartz and give me a job! Final Fantasy V is finally available on the PlayStation Network today. I love this game. I tried to play it in Japanese, but I progressed so slowly through it that I was angry every day. Later I tried a fansub (I’m old) that named the main character Butz. That made the game for me. That and the waddly-assed chocobo map walking sequences. Butz, chocobo, strange opening song. Love.

This RPG classic was originally released in 1992 in Japan, and didn’t reach America until 1999 as a re-release in the Final Fantasy Anthology. I feel like many series fans have missed this one. It doesn’t have the greatest graphics or the strongest story, but there’s some great battles and dungeons in this game. In my book it’s totally worth the $9.99 asking price.

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