Final Fantasy Type-0, but as a boring history doc for some reason?

Okay, maybe we shouldn’t encourage marketers to be creative

I thought fascista Steve Blum at the onset–Type-0‘s Cid–had a Guile pompadour rather than an army hat. And I guess the hat makes sense, but then his young homie has big anime hair anyways and no sensible hat, so I’m lost already.

You know how to make warring magicians and dragons interesting? The answer is not “cut a trailer that a dad would nod off to in hour three of a post-lawn-cutting History Channel (circa 2003, anyways) binge.” Sometimes I wonder if Japan gives itself a historical pass on the whole “axis powers” thing because fascist imagery seems to pop up a lot in its pop fiction. 

The game is pretty cool, though, and comes with a Final Fantasy XV demo when it releases, March 2015. 

Steven Hansen