Final Fantasy Tactics rated by the ESRB, heading to PS3

Yesterday it was Capcom with Street Fighter 3 Alpha, and now that other master of the re-release, Square Enix, has been outed as bringing Final Fantasy Tactics to the PSN. As always, this leak comes courtesy of the ESRB, with a new rating listing the game for a PS3 release. That could only mean that the PSOne Classics store is being graced with yet more nostalgic delight.

As much as I poke fun as Capcom and Squeenix, I must clarify that I do so in jest. The PSOne Classics section is my favorite part of the PlayStation Store, and more cheap downloadable bits of retro are fine by me. I’m one of the few people who have so far failed to fall in love with Tactics, but its presence on the Western storefront is more than welcome. 

It looks like Sony is  finally getting its act together and producing a PSOne Classics section in Europe and North America that rivals that of Japan. The Western store has been threadbare for far too long, and it’s wonderful to see so many great PSOne games headed our way. Now I shall continue to stomp my feet and demand the Oddworld games.

[Thanks, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask]

Jim Sterling