Final Fantasy Tactics director’s studio considering refunds for mismanaged Kickstarter project

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But first it needs to make some money

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Unsung Story, the crowdfunded SRPG from Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno, was delayed indefinitely earlier this month after diminishing finances and departing staff forced the company to shift its focus to another project in order to stay afloat.

Many of the people who supported the project, raising more than $660,000 for the developer, Playdek, in 2014 were understandably upset by the news and asked for refunds.

That’s something the studio is now considering, saying “As a company, we wouldn’t want to hold anyone hostage so to speak to a project that they have lost faith in. This doesn’t help anyone — company or consumer alike.” However, before Playdek can even consider issuing refunds, the developer maintains it first needs “get to a position of stronger financial health.” 

“We have new agreements with our secured creditor in place that has enabled us to map out how we will continue progress on the previous development plan we shared,” Playdek said, adding, “Our secured creditor has been tremendously supportive tremendously supportive through our company [sic] financial and development struggles, and is a team player in our good faith effort to remain a viable company and fulfill our development commitments and company obligations.

“We know that as a backer supported project, our struggles with completing this project have been very trying for you, and we truly wish that development of this game had gone smoother,” Playdek also mentioned. “Unfortunately, there are unexpected financial hardships that companies sometimes find themselves facing, and as difficult as they may be, we are thankful that we have been able to work through them and can keep the company viable and Unsung Story development on track.”

Unsung Story [Kickstarter]

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