Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Collections 2 teaches you

I wish a Moogle could teach me how to play guitar on a little Moogle-sized guitar. Watching it strum classic Final Fantasy songs passionately with its eyes closed [wait, aren’t their eyes always closed?] would be amazing.

Moogles won’t teach you, but you can imagine that they are if you get this songbook. Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Collections 2 is sheet music and a CD that will help you learn Final Fantasy songs. It’s a Japanese release, so you’ll have to get with the importing to learn with the Moogles and their little lute-like guitars. Amazon Japan has it up for ordering for about $30. It’s official release date is tomorrow.

Okay, so there really isn’t any Moogles. 

Our tipster, Gameswag, didn’t have a tracklist, but we found one. There’s 28 songs from just about every game, from the first all the way up to FF XIV. There’s a lot of killer songs on the list that would sound great on Guitar. Final Fantasy VI‘s “Shadow’s Theme” is in there, as is X’s awesome battle song. There’s two of the sleep songs in the list, from IX and X-2. The obvious choice is the guitar track from Final Fantasy IX, “Vamo’alla Flamenco.” That song is freaking awesome. 

Dale North