Final Fantasy Retrospective: a look back at the spooniest of bards

As you’ve probably gathered over the six months since Nick’s last piece, today is a ridiculously slow day in the realm of gaming news. I’ve spent the entire day playing Virtua Fighter 5 Online and Guitar Hero III, and even without looking at my laptop since 9AM the only news I missed was that Brian Crecente has changed to a new conditioner. I mean, I care about what sort of jojoba extracts the man infuses with, but the rest of you probably couldn’t give two shakes of your own, comparably disgusting hair what makes his mane so glossy.

Thankfully, on days like this we can always fall back on gaming videos — the lazy blogger’s best friend. It also just so happens that just dropped the thirteenth and final edition of their long-running Final Fantasy Retrospective. If you happened to miss any of the 40+ hour long RPGs, spinoffs, and side stories over the last two decades, short of actually playing them, there’s simply no better way to catch up.

The video up top is part XIII, and beyond the jump you can find the other 12 parts along with their corresponding Roman numerals. Now you’ve all got something to do tonight. You’re welcome. 


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