Final Fantasy Record Keeper headed to a smartphone near you this spring

It was somewhat inevitable

This year, Square Enix is makin’ it rain Final Fantasy spinoffs on us. I mean, we’ve got Final Fantasy Type-0 HD coming in hot just next week, and DeNA and Square Enix just revealed the launch of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper in the US this spring.

The game itself sounds quite intriguing, especially given the fact that you’re working for the good Dr. Mog to enter paintings and take part in familiar battles from throughout Final Fantasy’s colorful history. But as a part of pre-registration campaign for the game Square Enix is holding a special sweepstakes for fans, and it sounds like a fun way to kick off the festivities. 

The 8-Bit Creator contest asks would-be players to log in via Facebook to earn an entry in a drawing to win one of several custom 8-bit illustrations using the entrant’s Facebook photo as inspiration. So if you ever wanted to know what you might look like as a sprite and can’t actually do real spriting yourself, let the Final Fantasy creative team do it for you! I entered. I’m that vain.

In any case, look for the game this spring!

Brittany Vincent