Final Fantasy: My Life as a King DLC includes name changing and a bikini

I won’t bitch here about the way I feel about microtransactions for basic items in a game, as I think I’ve already adequately covered it in the past. The most recent announcement from Square-Enix about DLC for their upcoming Wiiware title My Life as a King seemed to offer a few things I felt were worth downloading if I enjoy the original game, perhaps positioning the whole microtransactions business in a slightly rosier light.

The Japanese owners of the game now have access to a 300 point “dungeon” pack which includes eleven dungeons, which you can earn new buildings like weapon shops and pubs by completing. Square-Enix also showed previews of upcoming DLC, which included a bikini you can buy for your attendant Chime to wear (100 points),  a new dungeon and the option to change your characters’ names (100 points), a building called The Library which you can visit to teach your characters new skills (200 points), and last but not least the Infinite Tower, a highly challenging dungeon with major replay value (300 points.)

As I said before, some of this sounds good, but I feel uneasy about the idea that things that are free in other games I buy cost money here. On the other hand, if you estimate the actual cost of the game at $15 (1500 Wii points) and then add in all this DLC for a total of $7, you’re still playing a Square game that cost you $22. There;s something about the presentation that kind of leaves that bad taste in your mouth, but maybe we’ll feel different about it when it comes out. 

[Via IGN — Thanks, Adam!]

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