Final Fantasy Movie Does Thriller

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Faith Naked uncovered a little piece of comedic gold here…Ah, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. We had such high hopes for ye…If only the developers put as much thought into the rest of the movie as they did this video, it would’ve been a hell of a lot better. I just wish they did the entire video, though. That would’ve been great.If you happen to own this on DVD, and I think none of you should, CheatCodeCentral has the method of how to reach it:

Insert the Bonus Disc, then select the “Highlights” option at the main menu. Advance to the second screen. Press Down to move to the bottom of the screen, with triangle in a circle icon. Press Right, Right to highlight the small blue box in the lower right part of the screen. Press Enter to view a remake of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video featuring the cast of the movie. Alternately, play Title 1, Chapter 45.

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