Final Fantasy IX is launching physically on Switch in Asia this month

Import? Import

Square Enix is at it again with their Asia-exclusive physical Switch carts!

This time the beloved Final Fantasy IX is being immortalized in physical form once again; which is just as well since this game should never be subject to legacy systems and digital storefronts that will eventually die out. Instead, it will live on with Switch beyond the confines of the eShop, but only in certain regions.

Square Enix Asia’s Facebook account has confirmed that the physical edition of IX will arrive on November 27, which will allow for English language support (on top of French, Italian, German, and Spanish). Note that this release is region-free, so if you’re keen on importing it for $49.99 (plus fees), you can play it on your western Switch. This version will retain the booster system as well as the “high speed” and “no encounters” toggles that were born out of the Final Fantasy VII PC release and beyond.

So yeah, as long as you can read one of those languages, you’re good on importing this one and enjoying it forever. Just remember to charge your Switch battery regularly in the decades to come!

Square Enix Asia [Facebook via Nintendo Soup]

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