Final Fantasy IV remake for DS gets new system

It seems that a graphical overhaul isn’t the only thing that Final Fantasy IV‘s DS remake is getting. Next in line for the Square-Enix Self-Whoring Parade, Final Fantasy IV will actually get a brand new system feature to go along with the pretty graphics. If you remember, FFIV granted each member of your party his or her own unique ability. For instance, pre-Paladin Cecil had a special attack called Dark Wave, while Palam and Porom used Twin Magic. When various characters left your party, they ended up taking their abilities to the metaphorical grave with them. Now, however, you will be able to inherit the skills of departing party members, meaning that finally, after all these years, Cecil will be able to learn Sing, just like we always wanted. 

While some people are making a big deal out of this, I don’t see the new feature as any kind of real problem. Some fans complain that it waters down the characters and takes away their individuality, but if this is limited to the inheritance of skills that are no longer being used, and doesn’t mean you can just mix and match everything in the game, I fail to see how this stops party members playing differently. The main characters will all retain their individual abilities and I doubt we’ll have instances where Rosa can suddenly use black magic or anything approaching the Materia system. Cool your jets, purists. Until we see more than this Jump magazine scan, I say we take the new feature for what it is and not cry doom and misery just yet.

James Stephanie Sterling