Final Fantasy IV DS bosses are nasty little buggers

[Warning: This post has spoilers in it, if you’re one of those whiny types] 

Just when you think you know a game, it smacks you in the face with something out of left field. While some purists bitch and moan about changes, Square Enix nevertheless has chosen to update more than just the graphics in its upcoming Final Fantasy IV remake for the Nintendo DS.

Our pal Spencer over at Siliconera has warned gamers that the bosses in FF IV will fight back in ways you may not be expecting if you’re intimate with the original game. Their strategies have been shaken up a little, and they put up far stiffer resistance than before. 

For example, the Antlion no longer just counters physical attacks, but magical ones too. If his eyes are glowing red, then he will be able to counter the Chocobo summon. Rather than just relying on that, you now have to swap out your attacks in order to win the fight. Cagnazzo retains his classic strategy, but this time his Tsunami attack is embellished with a potential instant death effect. Add in his Sleepel spell and a Hold counter, and you’ve got yourself one challenging globule of damp evil. 

If you’re a fan of grinding, then it seems like FF IV DS was made for you. If you’re a fan of grinding your teeth, well this remake is going to be everything you need to reduce those molars to stress-induced powder.

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