Final Fantasy IV costumes pop up in Crystal Chronicles

My Life as a Darklord may be a brand new fun experience or just a dark reversal of the adventures presented in My Life as a King, but either way it seems like the game gives hardcore Square Enix fans a new adventure to enjoy. In a neat DLC twist, Square has also made available two new costume packs based on Rydia and Palom from Final Fantasy IV. Cool! reports that these costumes allow you to cast fire or cyclone magic (depending on which costume you choose) once per stage. Each one will set you back 200 Wii points. Kaim and Palom can also be downloaded as summonable monsters, running 200 Wii points each. The Nightmare Tiara item is also offered, which starts off your stage with 50 additional NP and costs 200 Wii points.

I like these additions, but they feel like a reason to download DLC I don’t really need. Of course, the screenshots are Japanese, so who knows when these updates will be available for North American users. Remember when you played a game and it was your hard work that unlocked these types of surprises, instead of extra money? No? Oh yeah, I forgot — I’m getting old.

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