Final Fantasy fan alert: Chocobo Tales keychains

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Usually I privately rebel against blind boxed toys. Despite the fun factor of not knowing what I’m getting, sometimes I just don’t want to blow my money on ten boxes in hopes of getting that one figure I’d really like. Every once in a while however, I want the whole set, and that’s the case with these keychains from adorable DS title Chocobo Tales.

The set features all the game’s characters: Chocobo, Pop Up Hero, Kuroma, Volg, Checkers, Shiroma, Shido, and Irma. In addition to the normal set, there are clear plastic versions of each character available. Frankly I don’t care for them, but like most keychain sets if you check Ebay you can likely find the ones you want (and for less than their average retail of 5 bucks or so.)

[Via Strapya]

Colette Bennett