Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds comes to Sydney

As part of the Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy world tour, the game music concert will be stopping in Sydney in April of 2011. There’s going to be two performances starting on the 15th, and concert tickets for the event go on sale early for fans next month, starting on October 15th.

This could really be the ultimate Distant Worlds concert. Get this: It’s taking place at the Sydney Opera House, it’s played by the Sydney Symphony, and composer Nobuo Uematsu will be in attendance. If that’s not enough, there’s new music from both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV.

If you’re looking to nab tickets early (and you should!), you’ll want to visit on the 15th of next month. Input pre-sale colde 2665 to order your tickets.

If you’re in Australia and you miss this, I won’t forgive you.

Dale North